• Automation

  • Testing

  • Networks

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  • Lighting

  • Security

Home & Workplace Automation

Automation offers security, convenience, safety and efficient cost management for both the home and the workplace.

It’s not just a case of connecting appliances so that they can work remotely or implementing processes can be automated. It’s that and much more and our expert engineers work closely with you to design systems from the ground up that are specific to your needs.

Testing & Inspsection

Faulty or inadequate installations and equipment represent health and safety dangers, potential hazards and legal risk. Our Testing and Inspections programmes cover all relevant regulatory requirements and are carried out by fully approved NICEIC contractors.

Aside from keeping your equipment and installations in tip-top condition they are designed to help you avoid possible problems and ensure that you remain legal and compliant.

Data Networking

As digital transformation continues apace businesses need to ensure that their premises are able to take advantage of the new and emerging technologies.

Our network engineers are able to provide support with a number of services, including implementing or updating your cable infrastructure, IP networking, telephone cabling, fibre optic and server rooms.


• Emergency Lighting

• Lighting Maintenance

• Testing & Inspection

• Fire Alarm Maintenance

• CCTV Maintenance

• Ad Hoc Maintenance


• Retail Display Lighting

• LED Lighting

• Lighting Design


• Alarm Systems

• Door Entry Maintenance

• Security Lighting